The start of a new era for the BFC

Saturday night saw the BFC back once again at Osaki Footnik for some round-robin futsal action and the Annual General Meeting for 2022. 

An extended thanks goes out to all those that made the night a great success. 


Key Announcements

Pabs took us through the journey the Club has been on up to this point setting the scene for the announcements that intend to reset the foundations for the many years that will follow. 

New Sponsor

As well as thanking Footnik for their continued support of the Club over many years, a new sponsor was announced that has secured much needed financial stability for the Club. 

London Vehicle Solutions will be prominant wherever you see the BFC as well as on our new kit! 
Thanks again to Steven Hassan for his contribution and for all the support. It has made a massive difference to what we believe is achievable this year. 

New Commitee

Pabs was appointed as the new Chairman to provide direction and drive to the guys below who have already started contributing positively and proactively to shape the Club so that it is ready for success.

Steve – Treasurer
Rowan – Team Manager
Romen – Team Captain
Andrew S – Futsal coordinator
Andrew M – Social media & Online
Duncan – Stats & Online

Player’s Player of the Year

We were privileged to have the wife of Gordon ‘Shoddy body’ Liversidge our Club’s founder Hideko present with us.

In the absence of last year’s winner Emil, she presented the trophy for Player’s Player of the Year for the 21/22 season.

With a few gritty perfomances, ‘welcome to the game’ tackles and even the odd goal, the rest of the Club saw enough to have Rowan walk away with the trophy this year.
Despite it being a difficult season for the Club overall, he showed a desire for it to prosper both on and off the pitch. Congratulations Rowan. 

Thank Yous

Pabs also provided big thank-yous to players of the past and to Sid and the team that work to keep the league functioning.
He gave a shout-out to Saco and Takuma for their efforts during the previous season. Without that it’s likely the Club would not have made it to this moment.

A big thank you was reserved for the wives and girlfriends of all those involved. While we’re off playing games or arranging these kind of events, often someone is holding things down elsewhere for long stretches of time. It would’t be possible without their support; thank you. 

The Success Triangle

Pabs rounded off the evening by talking about why the BFC has been such a success in the past and the key was the combination of three elements – 


Ensuring a high-quality across all three of these is the goal for the future of the new BFC. 

We saw the beginnings of the Community being reignited on Saturday night. 
There was some great Football on display with a fast-paced competitive Futsal session; the first of many. 
With this it’s only a matter of time before the Results follow and a winning mentallity is once again engrained into the Club. 

Here's to a successful 2022/2023 season. Onward and Upward for the BFC.

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