BFC Futsal Tournament + Quiz Night

BFC Futsal Tournament + Quiz Night

The first Club Event since the AGM!

Sunday night saw the BFC back once again at Osaki Footnik for some round-robin futsal action, a Quiz Night and a Club viewing of the EPL fixture Chelsea vs Arsenal.
An extended thanks once more goes out to all those that made the night a great success especially The Footnik as they opened just for the event!

The Futsal

The night kicked-off with a two hour round-robin futsal tournament that saw 3 BFC teams plus a special guest team from Shane FC battled it out for pride and glory.

As resident stats-man Duncan declared,
“Shane walked into our BFC backyard and destroyed us!”
It’s true to some extent but in our defence, the BFC were split across three teams 🙂

So yes, Shane FC came out top with 15 points and a Goal Difference of +8. Congratulations Shane FC

The BFC came in with the following:
2nd – BFC RED BIBS – 11 points GD +3
3rd – BFC GREY BIBS – 10 points GD +1
4th – BFC GREEN BIBS – 0 points GD – 10 (ouch)

The Top scorers worth a mention were both from Shane FC
Golden Boot –  Conor –  5 goals
2nd – Moto – 3 goals

Club Activity

Chairman Pabs gave a brief ‘state of the Union’ and all-in-all, the current signs are very positive. There’s an event, back-to-back wins and…the formation of the new BFC events committee!
Beginning with the event on this very night, a group of BFC legends have agreed to congregate and organise the events that have always been part of the heartbeat of the Club.

Thank you to:
Don Whyte
Bill Smith
Richard Straughan
Stevie Glen
Ged O’Connell
Sid Lloyd

Here’s a picture of some them caught unawares on the night.
Cheer up lads we’re all looking forward to the upcoming events! 😉



Don then took a moment to recognise Sid as he hits his 60th year.

Sid’s contributions over the years have been unquestionable. Past, present and future players owe Sid a lot and those that were there on the night showed their appreciation with Hideko also on hand to do the honours with the gifts from the Club.

Thank you Sid!

The Quiz

Quiz master general Ged had prepared a few pages of brain-teasers and conundrums for those brave enough to take a pop.
In his absence Bill explained and organised the preceedings.

Due to the EPL game, scores were not announced on the night however the papers have all been handed to the independent adjudicator and we can put you all out of your misery:

First Place – Old Farts in the Corner (106 Points)
Second Place – Akira (99 Points)
Third Place – The Walskies plus Simon (94 Points)
Forth Place – Shane and Mongolia (91 Points)
Last Place – Team No Idea (79 Points)

Congratulations to the ‘Old Farts in the Corner’! Some say old, some say wise!! (wise farts?!?) either way there’s no arguing with breaking the one-hundred point barrier. That’s some good knowledge right there.
As for ‘Team No Idea’, well……kudos for picking an appropriate team name. Go read a book or something!

The night was rounded-off with a fairly dull EPL clash between Chelsea and Arsenal. At the very least, Arsenal fans were allowed to celebrate Gabriel’s bumbled winner in the 63rd minute.
Is it another victory on the road to the title?

Once again, thank you to all those that contributed to the night. It’s been a while but the BFC is getting its groove back and this event was a toe dipped in the water for the stuff on the horizon.
It’s great to see the Club winning on the pitch again but we all know that this is the core; this community is what it’s really about.

We are the BFC.

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