BFC’s World Cup Final Bonenkai

BFC’s World Cup Final Bonenkai

Sunday December 18th saw the BFC descend once more upon The Footnik in Osaki for some round-robin futsal action, the Club’s annual Bonenkai and the World Cup Final!
Continued thanks goes to all those that made another night a great success, especially The Footnik as they opened much of the night just for the event!

The Futsal

As is customary, Futsal led the order of the day with 3 teams battling it out for 2-hours in a Round-Robin format.

The general highlight was that the ‘BFC Legends’ showed that they still had it, proving themselves as a frustrating unit for the opposing teams to come up against.  

One team however had the Club’s current best player Marco and he proved that whatever format the football comes in, he’ll deliver. 

The Bonenkai

It was the end of the year so of course we all would be getting together however, as Chairman Pabs stated when opening the Bonenkai, due to various reasons Brian Doyle‘s leaving party had been a long time coming. 
The Club legend had been an instrumental part in the some of the most successful years in the history of the BFC.

Finally he was back to recieve the send-off he deserved (or to point out that Arsenal had also made it back to the top of the league after all these years….)

Hideko done the honours with the gift. 
Thank you Brian!  

A ‘little’ collage of some memorable moments over the 20+ years was put together for Bri ‘The Engine’ Doyle

We then provided a brutal environment for our friends from the Tokyo Comedy Bar to perform in. They dealt with kids running around and the hardest of all audiences…..the British 😉 

With that said, they provided a good ol’ giggle and we thank them again for coming down. 

Kev provided the backbone for the musical support for the night banging out some classics and also offering support to a few willing amateurs….

Duncan and Selwyn also helped to further display the musical talents in the Club with some bona fide crowd pleasers 

Then for those still standing the World Cup final provided one of the most remarkable games of football there has ever been. A reminder as to why we love the game so much. 
Congratulations to Messi and his team of Argentines and congratulations to those members of the BFC that did the full stint!
Good Effort all round!! 

So again, thank you to all those that contributed to the night; past and present players brought the BFC sparkle back to Osaki for the festive period. We may be looking to forget 2022 in the spirit of a Bonenkai however it’s actually proving to be a potential year of significance for the Club so perhaps this time we’ll make an exception 😉 

We are the BFC! 

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