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Footy Japan Cup February 25, 2023 @ 7:25 pm YC&AC

Following victory against Division One’s SALA FC in the first round the BFC once again travelled to the top of the YC&AC hill to face another Div One opponent. This time it was Panthers FC, a team that had only lost one game this season and were at the top of the TML hill by being first in the first division. This was undoubtedly the toughest challenge yet for the newly revitalised BFC.
It’s not unusual for the weather to be a factor with games at the YC&AC but this time it was at its most extreme with a literal blizzard blowing through the pitch from early in the game.
BFC shaped up pretty defensively with 5 at the back with the aim of soaking up any attacks before playing a bit more direct in response. The attacks did come and they forced a corner which have been a particular achilles’ heel for the BFC so far this season. It proved so once again, 1-0 Panthers and it looked like it could be a long game.
The response however was almost immediate, a weavy run from Chairman Pabs saw him upended just outside their box on the left-hand side. Up steps Kei to score directly in the bottom-right corner. The Panthers were fallible.
1-1 at half time with no let-up from the wind (and snow!) It was so bad that Nao was having to hold the ball in place to stop it blowing away for Kentaro’s Goal Kicks!
There was no let-up from Panthers FC either. The wind was now in their favour and they blasted in another couple of goals which had them sitting fairly comfortably especially with only 7 minutes of the game left to go.
This BFC however have started to regenerate some of the spirit and guts of old. An attack led to a corner and while the Panthers were arguing as to who and how Manager Rowan should be marked he was the recipient of another pinpoint delivery from Kei that allowed him a free header from point-blank range, 3-2.
Then just 2 minutes later with a play that started from the back and with passes from 5 or 6 BFC players on the way Caspar found himself at a tight angle on the right-hand side of the goal. It was against the wind but you wouldn’t have known it. He absolutely smashed the ball across the face of the goal into the top of the net. It was a truly special moment. BFC had levelled the game in a 2 minute window with just 5 minutes left to play.
Footyjapan cup states that the game goes straight to pens at full-time and momentum was in our favour. The ball was still being blown from its spot but






and Ma


all stepped up to put home equalising pens and take it to sudden death.
The Panthers were then the first to blink pushing the ball past the right side of the wrong post.

Then up-steps Nao. With a bit more wind interference but with a ridiculous amount of confidence to pigeon step toward the ball and pop. BFC are winners.

A remarkable result and despite the long history of the BFC, this one is undoubtedly significant. It shows that on the day, the BFC can beat anyone.

BFC 3 - 3 Panthers FC

Won 4 - 3 after penalty shootout
  • Saturday 25 February 2023 @ 7:25 pm
  • Footy Japan Cup 
  • YC&AC

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